What’s next for Aquavision?

The homes of today deserve the televisions of tomorrow.


Homes today are radically different environments to the homes of the past. Technology change has revolutionised the very nature of what a home is. From where we used to simply live, we now live, work, rest and play.


From kitchens where we used to simply cook, the kitchen of today is a space where we get together in a relaxed environment. The bathrooms where we used to simply clean are now spaces where we can switch ourselves on at the start of the day or switch ourselves off at the end. And the bedrooms where we used to go to sleep are now spaces of personal sanctuary and calm.


At Aquavision, we don’t just understand the changing nature of a home, we are active drivers of living space change. And over the last 21 years, we have constantly evolved our pioneering waterproof and in-wall televisions, to give the homes of today the televisions of tomorrow.


With demand for high quality design and materials at such a high level, an aquavision television adds a personal signature like no other. And our constant pursuit of innovation excellence means the original waterproof and in-wall televisions are still the best.



Tomorrow we will be exhibiting at the NEC for KBB Birmingham 2018, the UK’s premier kitchen, bedroom and bathroom exhibition. We’d love you to come along and talk to us and see how our range of televisions seamlessly integrate into the home design of dreams. Come and visit us at Stand A52


2018. Stand by for a television revolution.