Upgrade Kits


At Aquavision, we understand that making a hole in the wall for our product is a long term commitment…a commitment that may actually last longer than the television or its related technology, so you may have the need to upgrade to a newer model in the future.


As a responsible manufacturer who cares about its customers, we offer upgrade kits for every size television we have ever made. All upgrade kits come with our signature 2 year warranty*. For our customers, this means that the hole made in the wall will never be obsolete.


Upgrading your old Aquavision is a simple, straightforward process.


First you will need to identify your product.

Once your new upgrade has arrived, to install it you will need to:

  • Remove the glass
  • Unscrew the television
  • Remove the cables from the TV
  • Remove the power supply
  • Dispose of these 3 items
  • Install the new power supply
  • Connect all cables
  • Screw in the replacement TV
  • Fit the new glass
  • Power the television on and tune it in


Once you are happy all features are working correctly, don’t forget to apply the bead of silicone around the frame – this ensures your TV is waterproof!


*Warranty applies to UK customers only