We are the company that started it all. 

In 1997, we designed the first waterproof television in Manchester, UK. We recognised a gap in the market for waterproof televisions and optimised it.

At Aquavision, we have always believed televisions should add to the décor of a home and be more than just an “object.” We introduced the first in-wall television in 1997 and since conception, we have never compromised on the quality of our discreet televisions. balance of elegance and substance is an intrinsic part of our process for producing world class, hand built, high performance televisions for all applications. 

As viewing habits continue to evolve, so do we.

We understand our consumers, their lifestyle and what they want from their entertainment system, maybe even before they do! As evidence, our portfolio has broadened over the past 2 decades as our global footprint has expanded and we continuously perfect our innovative designs to remain the market leader. Uniquely, all of our products are engineered in a way that allows them to be upgraded at any time which is why we offer upgrade kits for almost all our products as far back as 15 years. We are proud innovators of waterproof televisions and remain the only company to manufacture an expansive range of high performance, in-wall televisions from 12-inches to 100-inches in the UK.

Whatever the viewing preferences are, we’ve got what you need.