AquavisionTouch – The world’s No 1 waterproof TV brand is now interactive

Without compromise to the superior quality and elegant styling of your Aquavision, you can now increase its value with interactivity, through the simple and easy integration of AquavisionTouch…



The clear and ultra-thin touch panel, with zero bezel will leave no visible changes to the current display, maintaining the sophisticated flush appearance of Aquavision’s design. Available for 32” screens and in all 3 standard glass finishes.


The AquavisionTouch is a unique projective capacitance touch technology. The single touch offering is compatible with Windows 7&8, Mac or Linux and features the pinch and zoom touch gesture. The sensitivity of the touch can be programmed to work through all standard Aquavision glass and will even work with gloved hands.



Key aspects to include:

All components safely concealed behind the glass to ensure the unit is still waterproof

Laminated to the inside of the glass avoiding potential damage

Available on 32” screens as standard

No visible change to their current products as AquavisionTouch is also ultra-thin and transparent

Compatible with Windows 7&8, Mac and Linux

Pinch & Zoom gesture

Works through gloved hands

Temperature range is -40°C to 70°C

Unaffected by condensation

Zero bezel glass.


The glass and touch screen comes pre built with a 1.5m lead, terminating in a standard USB plug and comes complete with all necessary software.

Simply install this glass as you would any other Aquavision glass. If this is to be used in a wet area, don’t forget to apply the silicon bead around the sides of the glass as described in the glass installation instructions supplied with the glass.


For more information contact our Sales Department on 01442 872665.