We are often asked why we don’t show prices of all our main products on the website.


The short answer is because all Aquavision products are individually tailored to your specific requirements.


One of the reasons Aquavision is so popular is because we offer so many customisable options:


    • 2 different location options – indoors or outdoors
    • 6 brightness options – 450 cd/m2, 500 cd/m2, 700 cd/m2, 1000 cd/m2, 1500 cd/m2 or 2000 cd/m2
    • 10 size options – 16″, 22″, 27″, 32″, 42″, 43″, 55″, 65″ 85″ or 100″
    • 5 individual TV feature options – Genesis, Nexus, Nexus+, Pinnacle Smart TV or Connec-TV
    • 4 different glass colour options – Polar White, Black, MirrorVision or MirrorVision+
    • 2 different mounting options – in-wall or on-wall
    • 5 different mounting styles – Frameless, Classic, Silhouette, Tailored or Bespoke
    • and many more!



When you multiply all these options together, along with other options like which speakers you would like or whether you want any accessories, you can see that choosing Aquavision gives you over 150,000 different television choices! Do you need to search through that many individual prices to find the one you want? No, you just need one. But it must be the right one for you.

So whether you know exactly which television you want or you have absolutely no idea, our in-house design team are more than happy to help find the best television to suit your needs. The team regularly consult with architects, interior designers, custom install companies, and end users to make sure that your Aquavision is tailored to your specific design and ideas.


Why do some companies show prices on their website?

Often companies who advertise set prices only do so because they only stock a limited amount of televisions in standard sizes, and with basic accessories. At Aquavision we hand-make each television to your specified design, enabling a much wider flexibility which ensures you receive a television you are 100% happy with.



For help finding the perfect Aquavision for you, contact our Design Team at [email protected]

or call our Sales Team direct on 0161 711 1897