Upgrade Kits


Upgrade Kits


We understand that a hole in the wall for our product is a long term commitment…a commitment that may actually last longer than the television or its related technology, so you may have the need to upgrade to a newer model in the future.


As a responsible manufacturer who cares about its customers, we offer upgrade kits for every size television we have ever made.


For our customers, this means that the hole made in the wall will never be obsolete.


Upgrading your old Aquavision is a simple, straightforward process.


First you will need to identify your product using the Data Sheet attached [see Upgrade Kits and Details].


Once your new upgrade has arrived, to install it you will need to:

  • Remove the glass
  • Unscrew the television
  • Remove the cables from the TV
  • Remove the power supply
  • Dispose of these 3 items
  • Install the new power supply
  • Connect all cables
  • Screw in the replacement TV
  • Fit the new glass
  • Power the television on and tune it in
  • Once you are happy all features are working correctly, don’t forget to apply the bead of silicone as shown in the installation instructions


All glass supplied with upgrade kits will be MirrorVision or MirrorVision+.