Combining Hi-Tech and Elegance with HDBaseT featuring Silvertel, Control4 & Aquavision

Aquavision U.S.
(courtesy of
HDBaseT Alliance

Residential Project
featuring 22” TV and Connec-TV Active

The Customer:

A couple renovating their home
in New Jersey, USA decided to upgrade their AV multimedia system and add new
equipment and functionality to the property.

The Challenge:

Local installer JRB
Audio/Video’s main challenge was how to accommodate the differing requirements
of husband and wife: while he wanted everything to be high-end and high-tech,
she – an artist – was more concerned with the aesthetics of the install. As
part of the remit, the home AV system had to enable switching and distribution
of all sources to displays throughout the house. The cornerstone of the project
was the installation and integration of a cutting-edge audio-visual
distribution system in their luxurious master bathroom.

The Solution:

JRB Audio/Video ensured an
elegant finish without compromising on functionality by keeping most of the
distribution system infrastructure hidden from view. In a concealed equipment
room, a Control4 HDMI matrix and a Home Automation system were installed and
connected to displays throughout the residence over thousands of meters of Cat6
cable. A waterproof Aquavision 22” LED TV was installed in the master
bathroom, with built-in power from Silvertel. The HDMI matrix fed an Aquavision
Connec-TV Active extender
, which uses HDBaseT technology to send
uncompressed HD video and 100W of power (through Silvertel high power Ag6600
PoH module) over a single Cat6 cable direct to the Aquavision TV,
thereby removing the need for expensive cabling.

The Result:

Both the technophile husband and
the artist wife were overjoyed with the look and feel of the installation,
combining a clean and elegant finish with outstanding picture quality and
technological functionality. The newly renovated bathroom was everything they
had hoped for and more … the crowning achievement of their state-of-the-art