Aquavision are proud members of the Made in Britain Campaign

Aquavision are delighted to subscribe to the Made in Britain campaign, a marque created by British manufacturers to support and promote British manufacturing in the UK and overseas.

A genuine British success story, Aquavision was founded in 1997 and now exports worldwide, recently opening a division in the US. Creator of the world’s first waterproof tv, the company is considered a prime example of the wealth of know-how, specialist expertise and technical acumen that exists in the UK and for which the Made in Britain association was founded to showcase and celebrate.

Endorsed by the UK government, one of the campaign’s key elements is its award-winning logo which member companies can use as part of their marketing and branding strategies to highlight the provenance of their products. By enabling consumers to more easily recognise British manufactured products, brands such as Aquavision can benefit from the established finding that “More and more customers are keen to buy goods they know for certain are made in the UK to support the design, skills and craftsmanship which still exist here” (Made in Britain spokesperson, 2015)