Huge Interest for Aquavision® at Integrated Systems Amsterdam 2014

Aquavision ®, the leading manufacturer of waterproof, flush and in-wall televisions, presented their new product ranges at the world’s leading Audio Visual Integration Systems event in Amsterdam, which attracted over 50,000 visitors. The ISE 2014 event was held 4-6 February, which further cemented its reputation as the world’s most popular event for professional AV and electronic systems integration.

The exhibition featured over 952 companies which resulted in being titled as the largest Integrated Systems event in Europe to date. The event expanded a signification amount of growth compared to last years statistics, resulting in Aquavision receiving a mass amount of interest in their own individual show by displaying the following products for the first time at ISE.

Connec-TV® and Connec-TV Active®  are the world’s first HDBaseT Televisions which features power, control and signal through one single CAT 5 E cable. The products received huge interest at the outstanding event and visitors were unable to believe that there was only one cable connected to the television.

Aquavision’s AquaTouch© television features a waterproof element with a touchscreen display that can be supplied with MirrorVision® and MirrorVision+® glass. The magnification television is unrecognisable as a TV until switched on; when it is switched off it displays itself as a perfect standard mirror with absolutely no visible signs of a television screen. However, when it is switched on it allows the screen to be seen clearly. This enabled visitors to the stand to learn about Aquavision’s MirrorVision+ Mirror glass range.

Aquavision also presented New Genesis® which is the first choice for standalone televisions, the Nexus® which features RS232 and Discrete IR Control, along with the & Pinnacle® range which offers the ultimate water proof flush in wall television for the most demanding applications. Furthermore, Aquavision also displayed their Aquavision Nexus 70” Television at the event.

The enormous event, which took place over 36,000 net square meters, attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world which resulted in Aquavision’s stand accomplishing huge interest during the three day event.