Installation Details





What do I need to do to upgrade existing Aquavision TV?


Aquavision offer a range of Upgrade packages for every TV model they have ever made. You can find out more about our Upgrade Kits here.



Where do we run the cables to?


Cables should be run through the rear of the TV and terminated in a loft space or similar.



Where are the sockets for example HDMI , POWER Supply etc.?


Sockets are positioned on the bottom and on the sides of the various models.



Where is the power supply, it doesn’t appear to be with the TV?


The power supply can be found in the box with the fixing kits.



How do I remove the glass?


If you have the Frameless model, cut through the silicone edging that surrounds the glass and then lift the glass upwards. Once you feel the glass is loose, carefully pull it towards you. 

If you have either a Classic or Silhouette model, you will need to purchase a glass suction cup. This can be purchased via the shop here.