Our Ethics

Our values and ethics have always been more than just words.


A company’s values and ethics are the basis of the foundation. Here at Aquavision, our 3 main values distinguish us in the market place and are dispersed in all that we do.


  1. Ingenuity: Our televisions progress with the times and are entirely future-proof. Our innovation team has kept us a market leader since our conception.
  2. Reliability: Our belief is that luxury is timeless. Our televisions are made to last which is why we offer upgrade kits on almost all our products going back as far as 15 years. Our products are reliable and trusted to the highest degree amongst all industry leaders.
  3. Quality: We take immense pride in having that ‘Made in Britain’ qualification. All our televisions are manufactured right here in the UK with components sourced as locally as possible, ensuring our waterproof televisions are the best.


Our greatest asset is our people.  We invest in their professional development and embrace their passion which complements our vision and ambition for continued growth.